Exchange Program

What is Exchange?

Until the end of June 2018,as a part of exchange activities ,which is the unique feature of our school, Shinagawa International School (former JIES) has operated a wide range of academic ,social and cultural school events, activities and excursions in cooperation with SIS-Tokyo (Former JIES) neighboring public Jingumae Elementary School.

Shinagawa International School located in Tokyo and neighbouring Japanese state school Jingumae Primary operate as separate teaching establishments, but we maintain a special relationship which is unique to all international schools in Japan.

This special link that exists between the two schools manifests itself in many different benefits for both our staff and students. Staff from both schools gain the invaluable experience of learning about the education systems operated between different cultures, while both sets of students have the fantastic opportunity to socialise with each other every day, allowing them to develop new and diverse friendships. The close relationship that SIS -Tokyo’s students hold with their peers at Jingumae Primary School is also advantageous in helping develop Japanese language skills. Competent speakers are given the chance to converse with more children of their own age, while learners of Japanese can practice their new speaking skills in real life situations which is integral to their learning of the language.

Features of the exchange program include:

  • Frequent Exchange Activities – Throughout the year both schools mix their students into small groups and take part in a variety of activities that are often tied to Japanese culture. These include Motchizuki Taikai (making and eating mochi), Pikapika Keyyaki (learning respect for the local environment by working together to keep it clean) and individual craft/cultural activities with same age year groups. well as this children from both schools interact daily as they share their playtimes together in the same playground too.
  • Shared Facilities – Facilities at Jingumae Primary School are used by students at Jingumae International Exchange School (Current SIS Tokyo). This includes use of the large playing field for morning and afternoon playtimes, using the gymnasium for P.E. lessons and school performances and joining the schools together for swimming lessons in the outdoor pool during the summer.
  • Shared School Events- Both Jingumae International Exchange School (Current SIS Tokyo) and Jingumae Primary School celebrate a variety of important school events with each other such as Undokai (a large scale sports day) and a school festival together.
  • Annual School Trip- Every year in the summer both schools enjoy a school trip together in which the children have a further chance to reinforce their friendships.