Tuition & Fees

Fees for the 2018-2019 School Year

Fees Policy

Fees are fixed for the school year September 2018 to June 2019. They are reviewed annually by the school board and any changes to the school fees for the next school year is announced by the end of May.

At Shinagawa International School (SIS) in Tokyo, the school fees consist of an application fee, enrollment fee, building fund, tuition and maintenance fee. All fees should be remitted in Japanese Yen.

Application Fee (one-time fee) 20,000 JPY
Enrollment Fee (one-time fee) 300,000 JPY
Building Fund (one-time fee) 200,000 JPY
Maintenance Fee (annual) Fall Term 40,000 JPY/ Winter Term 30,000 JPY/ Spring Term 30,000 JPY
Tuition (annual) Fall Term Winter Term Spring Term
Preschool (2018-2019) 660,000 JPY 495,000 JPY 495,000 JPY
Kindergarten 660,000 JPY 495,000 JPY 495,000 JPY
Primary (Grades 1-6) 660,000 JPY 495,000 JPY 495,000 JPY
2nd Child Discount A 20% discount is available for the 2nd child’s tuition fees only
3rd Child Discount A 30% discount is available for the 3rd child’s tuition fees only

Application Fee (one-time fee)

A fee of 20,000 JPY is due upon submission of each student’s application. The application fee is non-refundable.

Enrollment Fee (one-time fee)

The enrollment fee is 300,000 JPY per student and is payable within one week from the confirmation of the student’s admission to Shinagawa International School (SIS) in Tokyo.

Building Fund (one-time fee)

The building fund is 200,000 JPY per student and is payable within one week from the confirmation of the student’s admission to Shinagawa International School (SIS) in Tokyo.

Maintenance Fee (annual)

The maintenance fee is 100,000 JPY per student and is per year payable in three installments.

Tuition (annual)

The tuition is per year payable in three installments.

Payment of Tuition

Tuition can be paid in three installments:

  • Autumn Term Payment Due Date: July 20
  • Winter Term Payment Due Date: November 20
  • Spring Term Payment Due Date: March 20

Refund of Fees

No refund of tuition fees, in part or in whole for a term will be granted, except in the case where Shinagawa International School (SIS) in Tokyo does not grant admission or when a student does not attend school at all during the term. However, in case of complete absence, an appropriate notification from the parent is required before the term starts. Please note that application, enrolment and building fund are not refundable even in the case of complete absence.

Besides the school fees mentioned above, there are some fees requested.
Please note that the price indicated below could be slightly changed.

School Uniform

School uniform and PE uniform (for physical education class) are mandatory for students to wear in the school. The total cost depends on the size and the number of items that are purchased.PE uniform can be ordered through the school office.

Item Price Item Price
Short Sleeve Polo Shirts 2,467 yen Cardigan 3,097
~4,935 yen
Long Sleeve Polo Shirts 2,782 yen Long Pants 3,045
~3,727 yen
Polo Dress (girls only) 4,042 yen Short Pants (boys only) 2,782 yen
Skort (girls only) 3,045
~3,097 yen
Vest 3,570 yen
Backpack 2,992
~3,465 yen
Fleece Jacket 3,727 yen
Tights (girls only) 840 yen 3 sets of Socks 682
~945 yen

PE Uniform

Item Price Item Price
Long Sleeve T-Shirts 1,750~2,100 yen Long Pants 1,650
~1,980 yen
Short Sleeve T-Shirts 1,550~1,860 yen Short Pants 1,450
~1,740 yen
Handling Charge 630 yen

PTA Annual Fee

PTA annual fee of 10,000yen is asked to support the PTA.

After School Program

After School Programs is a free service. However, there are some exceptional classes of which teachers are hired from outside as a professional teacher in the field. The below are examples.

Class Payment Price
Hip Hop Dance At the beginning of the term 5,000yen/term
Anatolian Dance At the beginning of the term 6,000yen/term (1,000yen is for Japanese socks)
Guitar Club At the beginning of the term 8,000yen/term

Supply Fee

To have all children receive the correct items for classes, Shinagawa International School (SIS) has purchased some materials on behalf of parents, such as notebooks, folders, Japanese text books and stationery.

The collected money will be used for the whole school year.

Item Payment Price
Supply Fee First week of the academic year 5,000yen / year

Early/Late Day Care Service Fee

Bus riders have to pay the Early/Late Day Care Service Fee.

Please see the school office staff for the further details.

Item Payment Price
Early/Late Day Care Service Fee Every term with tuition payment 69,000 yen ~ 93,000 yen / Term

School Excursion / Field Trips

Shinagawa International School (SIS) holds a field trip once every term. Depending on the field trip site, the admission fee is required. Below are examples:

Field Trip (examples) Payment Price
Strawberry picking When required 800~1,500 yen
Ghibli Museum When required 100~400 yen
Shitamachi Museum When required 100 yen
Ueno Zoo (Monorail Fee) When required 150 yen
Space Museum When required 240~500 yen
Railway Museum When required 100 yen
Egypt Museum When required 500 yen

School Events

Shinagawa International School (SIS) holds school events and some of the events require a fee.

Event Payment Price
Cherry Blossoms BBQ (Admission Fee for Kodomo no Kuni) April 600yen/adult, 200yen/child (100yen /preschooler and Kindergartener)
Family picnic September 1,000yen/adult, Free/child

School Lunch Fee (Optional)

Shinagawa International School (SIS) has school lunch service from Monday to Friday.

School Lunch is an optional service.

Company Day Price
Kiwi Kitchen Monday through Friday Small size: 515 yen
Large size: 720 yen

There is a Vegetarian menu for each day.
Parents need to order online and pay by credit card or bank transfer directly to Kiwi Kitchen.

Saturday school (Optional)

Saturday school is generally a free service for Shinagawa International School (SIS) children (Math and ICT class, ESL class).

Only the Japanese class is a paid lesson.

Payment Price
Japanese Saturday School Class At the beginning of the term 1,000yen/lesson

Summer School (Optional)

Shinagawa International School (SIS) holds Summer Open School and the fee is excluded from the regular tuition.

Payment Price
Summer Open School June (or July) 40,000yen/session (30,000yen/session for Shinagawa International School (SIS) children)

Year Book (Optional)

Year book is provided by Shinagawa International School (SIS) at the end of the school year.

Payment Price
Year Book At the end of the school year 5000yen/book

Donations (Optional)

Donation may be asked to aid disaster (ex. earthquake, tsunami) relief efforts around the world.

Special Cases

Book fair: There are a couple of book fairs held at the school. Purchase is optional.

Bake sale/ Bazaar: There are a couple of times when the school holds bake sales. Purchase is optional.

Bank Account Details

Fees should be paid directly into the bank account below. Please include the student’s name to help us identify the source of payment.

Bank Account Details
Bank name Mitsubishi UFJ Bank (0005)
Branch name Yokohama Ekimae Branch (251)
Account no Ordinary
Account name Tokutei Hi Eiri Katsudou Houjin Kokusai Kouryu Gakkyu Rijicho Deniz Mehmet
特定非営利活動法人国際交流学級 理事長 デニズ メフメット