Saturday School

Course Overview サタデースクールの概要

Saturday School is an all-English program for children in which they can enjoy the atmosphere of an international school. Organized into three terms in a school year, each term we focus on different themes which are educational, interesting and engaging for children. Children do various activities related to the theme of the week, such as listening to stories, doing arts and crafts, singing songs and playing games all in English, however, those who have limited or no English are also welcome.
Educational goals of the courses are to learn; サタデースクールの目標は、
* The rules and routines of the class and the school. 学校生活やクラスでのルール、日課を身につけること。
* Phrases and vocabulary are necessary for daily school life. 必要な単語やフレーズが使えるようになること。
* New concepts and words related to the theme of the week. 様々なテーマから新しい考えや言葉を身につけること。
* Of course, to have fun and socialize with friends. そしてもちろん友達と楽しい時間を過ごすことです!

Ages & Courses 対象年齢&コース

Ages 募集年齢 Course コース Time 時間

Kinder (キンダー) age 3-5
Morning Course 午前コース 9:30~12:00

Terms 学期

期間 Term 開校日 School Days
Fall Term
September – December
9 月~ 12 月
September 1,15,22,29
October 6,20,27
November 3,10,17,
December 1,8,15
13 times
13 回
Winter Term
January – March
1 月~ 3 月
January 12,19,26
February 2,16,23
March 2,9,16,23
10 times
10 回
Spring Term
April – July
4 月~ 7 月
April 6,13,27
May 18,25
June 1,8,15,22
July 6,13,20,27
13 times
13 回

Saturday School Course for Preschool-Kindergarten

Morning Course Schedule 午前のクラススケジュール

~9:30 Arrival 登校
09:30 Arrival – Play Centers 自由遊び
09:40 Morning Meeting

Self-introductions, greetings, weather, date, numbers and learning through monthly songs & dance




09:55 Language Arts

Alphabet, vocabulary, phonics



10:35 Pre-writing – Art プリライティング、アート・工作
11:00 Snack / Recess / Bathroom おやつ/遊びの時間
11:20 Topic Exploration テーマ学習
  11:50 Afternoon Meeting

Cleanup Time



12:00 Dismissal 下校
*Class schedules are subject to change. ス ケ ジ ュ ー ル は 変 更 に な る 場 合 が あり ます。
*Capacity: 16 students. クラス人数: 16 人

Themes 学習テーマ

Theme List テーマ一覧
All About Me
* Myself
* My school
* My family
* My body
* Five senses
All About Animals
* Pets
* Farm animals
* Jungle animals
* Ocean animals
* Bears
Community Helpers
* Teacher
* Doctor
* Policeman
* Fireman
* Grocery
* Spring
* Summer
* Autumn
* Winter
All About Plants
* Trees
* Flowers
* Gardens
* Seeds
Food & Health
* Food
* Fruits
* Healthy living
* Teeth health
* Spiders
* Bees
* Worms
* Caterpillars
* Races
* Ball games
* Team games
* Gymnastics
* Recycling
* Weather
* Water
Stories We Tell
* Nursery rhymes
* Fables
* Fairy tales
Our Countries
* Japan
* Children’s countries
* Teachers’ countries
* Land
* Sea
* Air

*Weekly themes are chosen by the class teacher from the above list. The list is subject to change.

Tuition 授業料

Term 学 期 Fall Term


Winter Term


Spring Term


Half day Fee 授業料

(¥8,000 / day1 回)


(13 回分)


(10 回分)


(13 回分)

Payment Deadline


August 20th

8 月 20 日

December 14th

12 月 14 日

March 22nd

3 月 22 日

Enrollment Fee 入会金 21,600 円

NOTE: Above fees are tax exclusive(%8)

PAYMENT of TUITION 授業料の支払い方法

For tuition, please make a bank transfer to the bank account. (Bank account details are below)
Fees paid will not be returned in case of cancellation.
Fees paid will not be returned, in case of weather conditions / natural disaster or due to traffic conditions.

Bank Account Details
Bank name Mitsubishi UFJ Bank (0005) 三菱 UFJ 銀行
Branch name Yokohama Ekimae Branch (251) 横浜駅前支店
Account no Ordinary 普通 0086152
Account name Tokutei Hi Eiri Katsudou Houjin Kokusai Kouryu Gakkyu Rijicho Deniz
特定非営利活動法人国際交流学級 理事長 デニズ メフメット

Please include your child’s name when making the transfer.