After School Program (ASP)

Shinagawa International School (SIS) in Tokyo is also proud of the provision of the After School Program (ASP) for its students. The objective of the After School Program (ASP) is to give the students from age 3 and up the opportunity to work on what they cannot do in the regular class. They can socialize and relax, through these extracurricular activities, guided by the members of our faculty as well as those from the larger community.

We are currently running more than 70 After School Program (ASP) each week. Some examples of the current After School Programs are:

BalletStudents can acquire flexibility, beautiful attitude, musicality, expressiveness, and concentration with the methods that Ms. Hirai has cultivated over many years. Students can feel the pleasure of dancing to the rhythm. 
Chinese Language ClubThis is a beginners’ Chinese Club and it offers young learners the chance to explore the basics of Chinese through activities, songs, and creative lessons.  From learning Pingying to various vocabulary and expressions, students will develop their language skills while learning about the culture.  Join us for an exciting adventure of language and cultural discovery!
Football ClubWe will work on developing basic soccer skills like kicking, dribbling, giving and receiving passes, ball control, etc. Our practices are going to be active, engaging, and most of all fun! Emphasis is on having FUN!! Skill development and Overall understanding of soccer.
Arts & CraftsStudents will engage in a number of Arts & Crafts activities. Each week we explore a different theme/topic.
Table TennisStudents will learn and practice the basics of table tennis as well as for the intermediate and higher-level kids, more exposure to the sport will be given. We will try our best to take the students for various tournaments and have fun together.
Loom Bands & moreStudents will use their creativity and fine motor skills to make their own loom bands and bracelets
Book IllustrationChildren will have fun reading stories from around the world, fables, and fantasies. After our storytelling session, the children will sketch and color as they design book covers, settings, and characters. Be an imaginative storyteller and a budding illustrator in this club!
YogaA great way to end the day at school! Yoga sessions will help the students relax their body and mind, as well as improve their strength, balance, and flexibility. It will also teach our young students about their body and self-awareness, so come along and enjoy yoga time! Namaste
Voice Training & RecordingEach student in this club will be choosing a song they want to practice and will learn how to sing the song. Students will also be learning how to record their voices on the music application “Garageband” and can record their voices. (if they wish to do so)
RoboticsThe Robotics Club is an After School activity for students with an interest in STEAM & Robotics. It is the place to be involved in activities that relate to robot construction and operation. 
Lego – Construction clubBuild and create your own 3 dimensional designs with this hands-on ASP.  Students will develop a wide range of cognitive, motor, social and emotional skills and enjoy expressing themselves creatively.
JapaneseA mini Japanese class for ELC students after school. We will explore Japanese culture and events through reading, singing, playing games, and arts and crafts. Let’s have fun all together!!
GymnasticsIn Gymnastics, the students will develop their gross motor skills as they learn different balances and movements. This fun and active ASP strengthens body control and can improve focus. Make sure you wear comfortable clothes like your P.E. kit on gymnastic days.
OrigamiLearn the craft of Origami. Develop fine motor skills in this fun, creative, and traditional art form.
Table TennisStudents will learn the rules of table tennis and learn how to play.  Students will have a chance to compete with each other and improve their skills little by little.
TaekwondoStudents will learn the art of Taekwondo with English-speaking, professional instructors. Belt tests will be held termly, giving students the opportunity to progress through the ranks of Taekwondo!
Drum/Percussion EnsembleStudents will learn how to play drums and other percussion instruments such as shakers, boomwhackers, bells, castanets, etc. as a group.  They will learn how to listen to each other and play synchronized rhythms in time.
GuitarLearn basic elements of guitar and overall musicianship through this musical after-school program.
Mindfulness ClubMindfulness means noticing things around us and how we feel inside.  In this fun program, we’ll help our little ones learn simple ways to be calm and happy, which is great for their well-being.
Vision MathStudents will combine Math and fine motor skills to explore numeracy, and art and create numeracy projects through design.
CodingStudents will learn the basics of coding concepts.  We will use different apps, websites, and hands-on activities to differentiate students’ understanding of coding as well as having fun together.
Hip Hop Dance


Led by an experienced professional dance instructor, children will develop their sense of movement and rhythm to the latest hip-hop songs. Performances are held in our annual shows.
Sculpture Students will explore the wonders of making sculptures with clay. Using their hands and imagination, the children will be able to express their creativity while improving their fine motor skills.
Drama ClubStudents will experience the art of drama/theater by learning scripts, blocking, gestures, and expressions in the form of a play.
Directed DrawingStudents learn to draw scenes/characters step by step while also incorporating their own creative ideas for adding details, backgrounds, etc. 
Music Appreciation Students will be exposed to a broad range of musical styles from ancient forms through modern times.

After School Programs is a free service. However, there are some exceptional classes in which teachers are hired from outside as professional teachers in the field. Below are examples.

DanceAt the beginning of the term8,000 yen/term
BalletAt the beginning of the term28,500 yen/term
RoboticsAt the beginning of the term20,000 yen/term
KarateAt the beginning of the term21,000 yen/term