After School Program (ASP)

Shinagawa International School (SIS) in Tokyo is also proud of the provision of the After School Program (ASP) for its students. The objective of the After School Program (ASP) is to give the students from age 3 and up the opportunity to work on what they cannot do in the regular class. They can socialize and relax, through these extracurricular activities, guided by the members of our faculty as well as those from the larger community.

We are currently running more than 30 After School Program (ASP) each week. Some examples of the current and past After School Programs are:

BalletStudents can acquire flexibility, beautiful attitude, musicality, expressiveness, concentration with the methods that Ms. Hirai has cultivated over many years. Students can feel the pleasure of dancing on rhythm. 
Chinese Language ClubInterested in learning a new language? Then this Mandarin class for beginners is perfect for you!
Soccer ClubWe will work on developing basic soccer skills like kicking, dribbling, giving and receiving passes, ball control and etc. Our practices are going to be active, engaging and most of all fun! Emphasis is on having FUN!! Skill development and Overall understanding of soccer.
Craft ClassMake spectacular crafts to use at home.
Playdough ClubUsing your creativity and make things with playdough! Let’s have fun together!!
Loom Bands ClubLet’s learn how to use loom bands to make bracelets, necklaces, and charms.
Cooking ClassWe will be developing our cooking and independence skills during the cooking club. We will be making some delicious, healthy food so get your aprons on.
Calligraphy ClassWe use water calligraphy which does not dirty classrooms and clothes and is easy to prepare. Divide by age, they can write a word that much their levels. At the end of the class, We use a real calligraphy set and take our own work home.
Board GamesHave fun, use strategy, challenge yourself and compete with others by playing Risk, Blokus, Monopoly, Chinese Checkers, Chess, Mahjong and other board games.
Robotics & EngineeringThe Robotics Club is an After School activity for students with an interest in Robots and Robotics. It is the place to be involved in activities that relate to robot construction and operation. 
Fun Language, Math and Construction GamesLet’s play some games to develop our maths and language skills.
French Language ClubSalut tout le monde! Come and learn French! For those of you interested in the language and the culture of France and Francophone countries please join Monsieur Broadbent and learn to speak simple French sentences and words with your classmates. À bientôt!
Art&CraftLooking at basic perspectives and painting styles (landscape, still life, and portrait, etc). Introducing new media such as clay, charcoal, and mixed media while refining painting and drawing skills.
BeadingMake unique creations using Perler beads!
Basketball ClubThe focus will be on dribbling, passing, pressing, shooting and playing. in the gym.
Origami ClassPrepare issues (prints of how to make) that match each age.
They try to do it themselves, but if they don’t understand it, I support it.
In the first class, I teach basic folding and reading manuals.
GardeningGardening club for younger students will give students the opportunity to learn about gardening and “being green”. Some of our activities can include planting flowers, Herbs and fruits and vegetables, which students can then use in other areas of the school or take home. Students will also help with weeding, watering plants, picking and pruning and when the weather is not ideal we will make some crafts to decorate our garden areas using recycled materials.
Action ArtStudents will create artworks that can be sent to global and local citizens who are in need, such as sick children in hospitals, Tokyo 2020 Olympians preparing for their events and disadvantaged refugees, etc. It will be a form of PYP action allowing the students to develop empathy, show caring attitudes and become aware of issues from around the world. We will aim to contribute to our school`s mission statement of world peace.
Turkish Language ClubWe will focus on basic writing, reading and conversation skills. We will do many fun exercises to develop overall language skills.
DanceShe has been dancing and teaching dance in many different places. Her dance career includes an appearance on a TV commercial and a music video. She is also a member of a cheerleading group for a men’s professional basketball team.
Fun Drawing/Colouring ClubWe have 2 drawing days and 2 coloring days per month and enjoy our art time together!
KarateStudents can learn basic greetings, manners, forms and techniques of Karate slowly but surely. It is fun! 
Mini Science
Simple but fun science activities/experiments with younger students.
Loose PartThis After School Program (ASP) is about giving students the gift of open-ended and non-representational items for use in self-directed art to be more active and creative. Using simple, simple everyday objects (i.e., buttons, cardboard, stones, fabrics, foams, wood bits, etc) will provide students with an opportunity to use them in many ways and combine them with other loose parts through imagination and creativity.
Students have been faced with several tasks over the course of the term and have had to work together and use their skills and knowledge in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, to create and test various functioning devices in order to overcome their challenges. We have created different shaped structures made of paper to test their strength at supporting objects; designed and built straw rockets to see how far we can send them; built carrier baskets that can slide along a zip wire (both self-propelled and by gravity). Our aim is to enjoy hands on science and engineering that all children can access.
Robotics & Engineering
The Robotics Club is an After School activity for students with an interest in Robots and Robotics. It is the place to be involved in activities that relate to robot construction and operation. Students will be involved in activities such as Theory and operation of Robots – Construction of robots – Robot competitions. Due to space constraints and equipment needs, there are limited spaces for students.
Sticker Club
Swap, collect and share your latest stickers with the Sticker Club. Create your own stickers and add them to your own Sticker Album.
Strategy Games
Students will learn to play a range of strategy games including Chess, Draughts/ Checkers, Dominoes and different Card games. Great for developing number sense, logical thinking, problem-solving and social skills among others.
Lego Building Club
The Lego building After School Program for younger year’s students is a great way for students to develop skills and have fun. Students will enjoy playing creatively and learn to play well with others. Students will build their fine motor skills by working with their hands and fingers to connect blocks. They will use their problem-solving skills and build stamina working toward their goals.
Ensemble Class
Ensemble Class is where students can experience various genres of music and interact in music as an ensemble group. This ASP class is recommended for Grade 1 – 3.

After School Programs is a free service. However, there are some exceptional classes in which teachers are hired from outside as professional teachers in the field. The below are examples.

DanceAt the beginning of the term8,000 yen/term
BalletAt the beginning of the term21,000 yen/term
Primo ProgrammingAt the beginning of the term28,000 yen/term
KarateAt the beginning of the term21,000 yen/term