Parent Teacher Association (PTA)


The primary objective of Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is to help the school build an enjoyable and fruitful educational environment by facilitating a cooperative relationship between the parents and the school. As the school grows and the number of students increases, the PTA plays an important role in ensuring better communication, cooperation, and coordination between parents and teachers in the raising and educating of students.

Parent involvement is not compulsory at Shinagawa International School (SIS) in Tokyo; nonetheless, we encourage our parents to participate in as many activities as they can because there is a lot to do for our students.

Family Day Field Trip with Shinagawa International School Families

Primary Activities

The PTA contributes to the school through various volunteer activities. The PTA mainly focuses on helping the school with extracurricular activities such as school events, field trips, etc. The PTA also holds some fundraising events to develop the school library and donates school supplies based on the school and the parents’ requests.


The PTA is consisted of all SIS parents and teachers. All PTA members are asked to contribute to the PTA activities as well as support the school.


To operate the PTA activities and manage administrative works effectively, the PTA Board is formed to have seven primary functions as listed below. Members of the PTA Board are nominated in an open election process. Each member serves a one – year term.

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Health Coordinator
  • Accountant
  • School Representatives (from SIS staff)

The PTA board members hold a monthly general meeting to plan and discuss those activities. They brainstorm about what can be done and decide on the main points and the outline of the activity plan.

Introducing Parent Teacher Association (PTA)
Parent Teacher Association (PTA) Meeting