School News

Embracing Differences

Recently, a few Grade 5 students of Shinagawa International School visited Meisei Gakuen as a part of their PYP exhibition project – “Equal Opportunities”. This visit’s primary objective was to provide our students with an experience of the challenges faced by individuals with hearing loss while fostering empathy, understanding, and appreciation for the equal opportunities everyone deserves. Through engaging activities and interactions, the students gained valuable insights into the lives of their peers at Meisei Gakuen, leaving an indelible mark on their personal growth.
The transformative experience promoted inclusivity, empathy, and gratitude among our fifth graders. Our students also developed a genuine appreciation for diversity, equal opportunities, and a sense of gratitude for the things they often take for granted. As a result, our fifth graders will positively impact people’s lives by learning sign language to interact with their friends at Meisei Gakuen.