School News

Graduation Ceremony

We held our annual 6th-grade Shinagawa International School Graduation Ceremony. Each student spoke about their memories. Some of their favourite memories from their time at SIS included the many celebrations of learnings they participated in, learning the longest English word in the world, singing a song about the PYP in grade 3, the many field trips they attended over the years, sports day and of course memories of their current and past friends. The students also received video messages from the staff and students of SIS wishing them congratulations and best of luck. Mr. Thomas, along with the students of SIS, created a musical tribute to the song “I’ll be there for you”. Finally, the students were awarded their diplomas showing that they have completed primary school. It was an emotional day for everyone involved as many of these students have been a part of our school since Kindergarten or grade 1. We wish them the best of luck in middle school next year!