Japanese as an Additional Language (JAL)

At Shinagawa International School (SIS), Japanese specialists are well-knowledged in the latest policies, research, and the methodologies of the national curriculum. They have been involved in professional development workshops and conferences for Japanese instructors of international schools in Japan.

Thus, we strive to deliver a Japanese curriculum that supports and challenges students of all levels of ability by differentiating our lesson activities and individualizing the tasks. Accordingly, we offer two Japanese language learning groups: the Kokugo Group, for students who are native speakers of Japanese, and the JAL (Japanese as an Additional Language) Group. The Kokugo Group follows the exact national curriculum and learning objectives that are utilized in Japanese public schools.

However, the instruction for JAL students is flexible. JAL kids are provided a different program to help them learn the daily language and the basic Japanese skills. The parents of JAL students may discuss with our Japanese specialist on specific learning goals that they would like for their child to achieve by the end of the school year.