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Principal’s Blog – Science Week

In the spirit of discovery, we had Science Week, from May 27th to the 31st. It was interactive, engaging and educational. Our theme, this year, was water. Taking approaches from the world of arts, Science posters were presented and shown as a provocation the week before the event. The posters had simple messages and pictures about water such as the percentage of water on the earth, drinking water is healthy for you, the formula of water, oil and water don’t mix and Sponge Bob proclaiming that water can be absorbed. These poster concepts demented children’s subject knowledge.

Perhaps you didn’t know but this is The Year of Leonardo da Vinci. Thinking about him reminds us of Art and Science. He was the true Renaissance Man (gifted in many ways) and way ahead of his time.

On the first day, a literary element was introduced by reading the book “Who Sank the Boat?” The students did float and sink activities. They learned that the difference between elongated oil tankers and short tug boats with different types of clay. A scientist in a floppy wig, thick glasses and white coat got the children excited about the pursuing activities.

The following day, a magical and illusionary faucet ran water without piping and a plumber was called in. Teachers talked about how much water it takes to feed a family of 4 and how many litres of water are wasted if a faucet leaks. The children tried their hands at water animation by making their dry erase stick figure move.

Then, we had a pencil in the plastic bag activity for the little ones and a reversing arrow using water refraction for 2nd through 6th Grade.

On the 4th Day, we had a disappearing water trick and diaper absorbing experiment. Sodium Polyacrylate absorbs water and is a substance found in diapers. The children experimented to see how much water a diaper would hold. They found out that a diaper can hold 100 x its dry weight.

On Friday, we made a water molecule in a parachute and bouncy balls with polymer crystals. Prizes of book vouchers were given to those who had the best record for our Science Week questions and inquiries. Here is an example of one of our riddles that proved hard for the children: I can be sparkling but I’m not a star. I can run but I don’t have legs. I can fall but I don’t get hurt. I’m found in a bath but I’m not a rubber duck. I can help you clean but I’m not soap. What am I? The answer is water!

Thank goodness for Science Week- which makes us thinkers!

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