School News

2021 March STEM Week warm up class activities
STEM Week 2021

STEM Week 2021 starts today! Robbo Robotics taught our students how to code and program a controller and robot using sensors. Lots more to come this week!

Students are doing some arts week projects in classroom
Arts Week

Students celebrated the arts in many ways here at SIS during our very first Arts Week! The whole school collaborated on an Arts Week Poster.

Kindergarten students perform Winter Performance 2020 at Curian Hall
Winter Performance 2020

December 18, SIS held their annual Winter Performance 2020 at Curian Hall. Students from Preschool-grade 7 performed in a variety of numbers.

Book Character Dress Up Day with primary years in literacy week
Literacy Week 2020

Poem in your Pocket Day! Today the teacher’s carried a poem in their pocket in Literacy Week 2020. When asked, they shared them with the students.

Prize ceremony is in Sports Day 2020
Sports Day 2020

Sports Day on 9 October 2020 Friday was so much fun! All of our students from Pre School to Grade 7 joined in with the games and events.

Grade 5 students interview with Mr. Hatoyama, Former Prime Minister of Japan
Interviews of Grade 5

How lucky are our Grade 5 students! They used their communication and research skills to interview Mr. Hatoyama, Former Prime Minister of Japan.

Grade 6 Students get a diploma
Graduation Ceremony

We held our annual 6th-grade Shinagawa International School Graduation Ceremony. Each student spoke about their memories.