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Summer School 2018 Senior Week 4

Senior Class in Summer School

Summer School 2018 Senior Week 4 at Shinagawa International School (SIS).


We had many new friends this week. In the morning we did activities to get to know each other better. We thought about different words that describe us and made acrostic poems with our names. We also worked in groups to see which group could build the tallest tower using only index cards and tape. The tallest tower was 63 cm!


Today we picked out books to read from our school library. We did our weekly show and tell and shared something new with the class. During math, we did puzzles such as tangrams and a Tetris type game. For music and movement, we sat in a circle and had to keep the rhythm going while we answered questions about ourselves in Summer School 2018 Senior Week 4. We made bookmarks during craft time and ended our day by spending some time on the computer…