Teaching Staff

Sherry Egawa is Kindergarten Teacher and ELC Coordinator at Shinagawa International School

Sherry Egawa

BA (Hons) in Child Development, U.S. Teacher Certification in Early Childhood Education, License of Japanese Nursery School (Hoikushi).

Sherry has various teaching and leadership experiences in early childhood education in international settings. Throughout her teaching journey in the early years, she promotes a whole-child approach reflecting play-based, Reggio Emilia and Montessori, where learning is child-initiated. In the U.S. she was involved in researches on early bilingualism, anti-bias practices, special education support, and social-emotional development at a child development laboratory where she further developed her pedagogical knowledge in this field. In her free time, she enjoys cooking cuisines around the world and finds traveling a great way to broaden her palate as she discovers new flavors.