Technology at SIS

Information and Communications Technology (ICT) 

In our school, the focus of ICT is not only on the use of technology at SIS for its own sake, but to enhance learning throughout the transdisciplinary programme of inquiry, across the subject areas, The IB Learner Profile, and the essential elements of the PYP. It is clearly a transdisciplinary strategy. The understanding and effective use of ICT has moved beyond simply mastering a specialized set of skills and tools: ICT has become a vehicle for learning skills and concepts and their applications within meaningful contexts. The role of the teacher is to create authentic learning engagements through the provision and use of ICT. This learning can happen in a physical or a virtual environment, and is likely to occur when needed or “just in time”.

Information and Communications Technology Lesson (ICT) with students at classroom of middle school


Every classroom has interactive boards (Activ-Board) designed to support visual, auditory and kinesthetic instruction. These interactive boards ensure that each student is an active participant and cultivates valuable lifelong collaboration skills. With the variety of resources and software, teachers integrate rich digital media and real-world activities into lessons seamlessly, transforming them from lecture-based monologues to interactive, vibrant experiences.

Emails, Blogs and Social Media

The main channel of communication between school and parents is via email. This includes announcements, updates, teacher comments and parental permissions. Parents are provided with school email addresses under the domain to maintain consistency in email delivery, embedding forms and documents, as well as attachments.

Early Years student use smart board technology at Shinagawa International School

Parents can also follow what’s happening in classes through classroom blogs on the school’s website. They can subscribe to blogs to be notified of updates. There are also school newsletters, which are sent at the end of each term.

The SIS Community can follow SIS on social media like Facebook and Twitter. You can see the events’ details and announcements on those pages.

Robotics Club 

SIS Robotics Club aims to get children excited about science and technology by engaging them in project-based learning involving robotics, engineering, and mathematics, and to improve their problem solving, and collaborative skills. Students build and program Lego Mindstorms Robots to solve real-world problems.

After School Programs Lego Robotics